A) Personal Data Protection Policy

PERSONAL DATA PRIVACY PROTECTION LAW: We inform you that your data will be registered in our data base, assuring their complete privacy . We assure your data will not be used for any other purpose except sending commercial information of your interest and for which ATHENE HOTELS is liable and holder (C/ Joan Llaverias, 38 - 17310 LLORET DE MAR, Girona, Spain). ATHENE HOTELS assures your right to access, modify or cancel within the terms and conditions established in the current legislation.

ATHENE HOTELS informs its clients of the purpose of the future usage of the private personal data collected from this web page:

On line reservations:

By registering on line the user accepts and authorizes ATHENE HOTELS to use by automatic data treatment service the personal data received for the purpose of processing the requested reservation and offering special products and personalised services, also to improve the commercial relations between its clients.
ATHENE HOTELS also informs its clients that by making reservations on line, their personal data and reservation details will be conceded to companies which have to intervene in the reservation process and / or the journey to the hotel destination, independently of the country of origin or location where the afore mentioned companies can be located; and the possible process of international data transference with the sole purpose of finalizing the reservation procedure and guarantees the execution of the said reservation.

B) Confidentiality:

ATHENE HOTELS will not reveal any personal data details to any third parties with the exception of those previously mentioned and established.
ATHENE HOTELS guarantees complete confidential treatment of the users personal data as well as the data storage files and the operating system, as governed by strict Spanish laws referring to data protection rights.

C) Use of Cookies:

"ATHENE HOTELS personal services includes the usage of cookies"
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A cookie is not a readable file, it isn't a virus spreader nor can it contain a virus; it cannot be longer than 4.000 characters.
This will enable us to recognise you on future visits to our site. It doesn't contain any personal data or economical or health related information.
You can set up your Web browser to accept or not accept the cookies, or to inform you when a site writes cookies to your hard drive:
* If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, on the option menu View, select Internet Options and enter Advanced Options.
*If you use Netscape, on the Edit menu, select Preferences, enter Advanced Categories.
ATHENE HOTELS appreciates your acceptance of the cookies, this enables us to compile precise information to help us customize our web site to better meet your specific preferences.
ATHENE HOTELS may also register your IP addresses to help diagnose any problems with our server, to administer our Web site and to analyse user trends.